As someone who has struggled with her weight for her entire life, I am constantly looking for new ways to incorporate a healthy ingredient into my diet. One recent discovery was persimmons, the bright orange or red fruit that originated in Asia. To be honest, a Korean friend introduced me to them--but that doesn't mean that we Latinos don't have a few great persimmon recipes up our selves! In fact, I wanted to share 5 Latin persimmon recipes that will help you drop pounds


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According to, persimmons are high in fiber (about six per fruit), which is a quarter of your recommended daily value and all of that helps to keep you full for longer. As an added bonus, the fiber that's found in persimmons (called pectic) is actually great at controlling your blood sugar and getting rid of food cravings. Plus, the fruit has stomach-soothing properties that helps you get (and keep!) a flat belly. And who doesn't want that? Seriously, you'll LOVE these delicious Latin recipes. Dig in!

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