12 Days of Christmas recipes: Alfajores cookies for everyone (VIDEO RECIPE)

The Holidays wouldn't really be complete without at least one more cookie for the road. Well, actually, if you don't mind… I might just have five or six dozen of these. That's just how delicious alfajores cookies are! They're one of the best Latino desserts as far as I'm concerned and definitely one of the best treats to indulge in during our 12 Days of Christmas recipes. Make this recipe (the kids can help) and just watch them disappear in minutes! In fact, I would definitely make more than one batch.


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There's a reason why these cookies are so delicious, actually. They're easy to make (it's just a shortbread cookie filled with dulce de leche" but there are fun variations that you can do with them, too. For example, you can make them into the shape of Christmas trees with a cookie cutter and some coloring (find the recipe here) or you can make a chocolate version (find the recipe here). But if you just want the classic, watch the video below and, YUM!

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