12 Days of Christmas recipes: Pan de jamón to lick your fingers (VIDEO RECIPE)

There is a lot of debate when it comes to Venezuelan food. People argue about what country created which dish in Latin America all the time but there is one surefire meal that came from Venezuela and Venezuela only: pan de jamón, also known as "ham bread". This is absolutely THE best Venezuelan Christmas dish that you can imagine. And that's exactly why it's at the top of my list when it comes to our 12 Days of Christmas recipes, starting with making this delicious bread for Day 5! Dig into the savory goodness.


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In the video recipe below, you'll learn the exact origins of pan de jamón (which is made with ham and olives), why it's a Venezuelan classic for Christmas and exactly how to make it. I admit I was a little bit intimidated at first, but it actually looks simple enough that you could even have the kids help. In fact, why  not make a day out of it and cook this great dish with the whole family? I know that this is exactly what I want to do during the holidays, so enjoy! This amazing recipe isn't going to make itself. Check it out.

Image via YouTube

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