12 Days of Christmas recipes: Classic tamales for the whole family (VIDEO RECIPE)

Is there anything more classic than a traditional Mexican tamales recipe during the Holidays? I'm not Mexican but even I know the long-held tradition of a family getting together on Noche Buena and New Year's Eve to make a huge batch of tamales to give out to friends and neighbors as gifts.

It is this sharing tradition that has always touched me during the holidays and it is the #1 reason why I wanted to learn how to make tamales this year. It always seemed like a very long, complicated process. Well, one thing I've learned is that it definitely IS but sharing the time together with family makes it all the more special.


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The best part about learning how to make tamales, though, is that it's actually MUCH easier than it sounds thanks to this video, below, of a family taking on the task together. Everyone in the family partakes in the fun, while recounting stories and giving their best tips for how to make great tamales. I definitely feel like I learned so much that I'm pretty sure I can tackle these—all while also having fun with my own family and, of course, reaping the delicious benefits in the end. Watch the video for yourself and ENJOY!

Image via YouTube

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