12 Days of Christmas recipes: Yummy buñuelos for dessert (VIDEO RECIPE)

For the third day of our 12 Days of Christmas recipes series, I'm craving some dessert. Although there are many variations of it and you can (and should) definitely have them year-round, I simply love traditional Latino buñuelos during the Holiday season. 

They're considered an essential Mexican dish but of course they're also popular all over Latin America as a delicious snack. The best part about the fried dough balls, though, is how easy they are to make. I love trying this recipe with the kids because we can all have fun and snack on them as we go along. So, if you're wanting to do something with the whole family, then why not give this recipe a try?


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In the video recipe below you'll see exactly how to make these delicious treats. Personally, I just go crazy for the sugar and cinnamon topping on these. Simply the smell of cinnamon reminds me of my abuelita's kitchen and I can't wait to try making these with her this year. They're just such a special treat that I can't help myself. Seriously, my mouth is watering just thinking about it right now. Yum!

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