Bring Latin flavors to everyday popcorn for a party-perfect appetizer! (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Last week, I confessed to all of you that I am a terrible cook and therefore, do not trust myself to make anything more complicated than an easy dessert for a holiday party. Actually, like I said, most of the time I just end up bringing a nice bottle of wine or champagne!

But thankfully this year, I have our resident food lover, Irina Gonzalez, to help me out.  Last week, she demonstrated how to make a delicious roasted asparagus with Serrano ham plate that is perfect to serve or bring to a party. Today, she's back for part two, showing us how to make another easy-to-make but delicious appetizer: Latin-style popcorn with paprika and Manchego cheese!

Check out her simple step-by-step instructions below and make sure to come back for part three next week:


Image via Fredy Perojo