Christmas is one of my absolute favorite times of year and one of THE most special things about the Holiday Season, to me, is spending time with friends and family. Last year, one of the best times I had during this month was one very special night when I invited a bunch of people to my house and we spend hours talking, eating and enjoying my delicious chocolate-coconut Christmas cake pops

Originally invented by baking blogger Bakerella, her cake pops are amazing but a little bit too complicated for me. Although the assembly of the delicious cakey treats takes a little while, I created my own version with the guidance of this YouTube video but gave them some Latin flair by using dark chocolate and coconut flakes. My whole family LOVED these and are begging me to make them again. Try them for yourself and I guarantee you'll be the most popular baking lady, too!


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Chocolate-Coconut Christmas Cake Pops

Prep: 10 minutes
30-40 minutes, per cake box instructions
about 2 hours
2-3 hours

1 box of dark chocolate cake
1 cup chopped coconut flakes
1 can of dark chocolate icing
3-4 cups of dark chocolate chips
3 teaspoons of virgin coconut oil
48-52 lollipop sticks
assorted Christmas-colored sprinkles, edible glitter & cookie toppers
large block of styrofoam

Get the full recipe directions in the slideshow, below!

Image via Irina Gonzalez

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