5 Easy Latin dinners to make with store-bought rotisserie chicken (RECIPES)

Do you ever come home and are just SO tired that you barely feel like making dinner for your family? Trust me, I definitely know that feeling. At the same time, though, I don't necessarily want to go out and buy a pizza because that's boring and, well, not exactly healthy. That's why I was SO excited to read Buzzfeed's "23 Easy Meals to Make With Store-Bought Roast Chicken."

When I went through the list, I realized that there are some GREAT easy Latin dinners made from store-bought roasted chicken that I just know my family will absolutely LOVE. All the classics are there: chicken tostadas, chicken tortilla soup, black beans and rice with chicken, a white chicken chili (perfect for cold weather) and even a diet-friendly kale, chicken and quinoa salad. Yum!

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