Thanksgiving wouldn't be delicious holiday that it is without the turkey. Just thinking about the event in a few days is making me salivate. The only problem, though, is that I've given myself the task of doing all of the Thanksgiving dinner cooking this year--which includes making the turkey. Of course, I already have an absolutely delicious recipe picked out but I've never actually carved a turkey before. In fact, I've never seen seen one being carved--which is why this video on how to properly carve a turkey couldn't have come at a better time.


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To be honest, carving a turkey actually kind of scares me. Whether it's my abuelita's turkey recipe or the delicious herb roasted turkey that was part of our Thanksgiving Day menu, handling a big bird can be tricky. It's really not as easy as just slicing and dicing, but luckily 2012 Best Butcher Award winner Armand "The Arm" Ferrante is here to offer his 5 essential turkey carving tips

I definitely learned a LOT with this video and I'm SO very excited to be carving up my very own turkey soon! It's going to be tasty and, with Armand's tips, it's going to look just as great and hopefully make my family love it even more. I just can't wait. Yum!

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