5 Latin pine nut recipes that are great for weight loss!

I've been a fan of pine nuts for years. My mom started buying them to snack on, and I basically caught on to the trend. When I started eating them, I thought that they were just a great way to get a little bit of protein in and a healthy snack but I never even considered that they could actually be helping me lose weight.

Well, according to a recent The Dr. Oz Show episode, pine nuts are a great weight loss aid because "the omega-6 fatty acid found in pine nuts called pinolenic acid has been shown to increase the release of satiety hormones." Basically, pine nuts are GREAT appetite suppressants! Isn't that good news for those of us who love to snack on pine nuts? That's not the only thing you can do, though, which is why I've found these 5 Latin pine nut recipes that are all going to be great for your weight loss. Start making them today and you might just shed a few pounds!

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