The countdown to Thanksgiving has begun! It's the day that those of us who are proud to call this nation our home sit around the table as a family to give thanks for all our blessings, for our loved ones, for being able to live our own version of the American dream, and, in my case, for having the freedom to raise my kids somewhere where we have democracy and freedom.

I arrived in the U.S. three days before Thanksgiving in 2007, and even though I knew the importance of the day to those living here, I didn't know anything--besides the fact that you serve turkey--about the day celebrated each third Thursday of November.


So I asked around, did some internet research, and without even having finished unpacking, I cooked my first full Thanksgiving meal. With time, my menu has been growing and I've adjusted and perfected my recipes. Today, the day is one of my favorite holidays, in part because its meaning helped me understand this country better, the country that welcomed me with open arms and adopted me happily right away.

To celebrate, I wanted to share with you all, mamás Latinas like me, my Thanksgiving Day Menu. Starting today, I will be publishing each day one of my special recipes so you can serve a dinner that's healthy, budget-friendly, and most importantly, finger-licking delicious--so you can show off your culinary skills to your family the day of!

So visit us every day! I'll share some tips along the way, so you can have an incredibly juicy turkey and so that you don't go crazy as you prep for that big day.

Here is what I have in store--enjoy!


Persimmon and pomegranate salad on a bed of arugula


Roasted turkey with herb and garlic butter

Rice, apple, and cranberry stuffing

Herb-infused gravy

Side dishes:

Garlicky mashed potatoes

Roasted yams with pecans

Easy cornbread

Brussel sprouts roasted with dried cranberries in a Balsamic vinegar reduction

Butter and lemon sauteed green beans


Rum-infused pecan pie

Pumpkin pie with orange marmalade


Image via Enriqueta Lemoine

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