5 Delicious Dia de los Muertos desserts (RECIPES)

Did you know about all the very special sweets that you can make for Dia de los Muertos?

Even if you've never celebrated this Holiday, well, you should! It's a great excuse to get together with your family to honor and remember those that who have passed, and you can chow down on some delicious desserts too! Learn how to make traditional pan de muerto, creative sugar skull rice krispies, the famous Atole drinkcandied pumpkin or classic sugar skulls and enjoy on this year's Day of the Dead with one of these 5 Dia de los Muertos desserts. Believe me you won't regret it, and neither will your ancestors if you can manage to save a few treats for the altar.



1. Pan de Muerto
This traditional Day of the Day bread is typically decorated to look like bones, but don't let that fool you. The sweet bread is a perfect treat to honor the deceased.
Get the full recipe directions from The Latin Kitchen.

2. Sugar Skull Rice Krispies
A really fun dessert to make with the kids is sugar skulls that are made out of rice krispies. These treats are easy, delicious and truly fun for the whole family. Yum!
Get the full recipe directions from Spanglish Baby.

3. Candied Pumpkin
One of the most classic dishes to make for Dia de los Muertos is the calabaza en tacha, also known as Mexican candied pumpkin, as the absolute perfect snack.
Get the full recipe directions from Spicie Foodie.

4. Atole Drink
This traditional Mexican drink, typically served on the Day of the Dead, is made with sweet corn or masa harina for the perfect warm, soothing batido today.
Get the full recipe directions from Mexico in My Kitchen

5. Sugar Skulls
The most traditional Dia de los Muertos dessert, of course, are the sugar skulls. Follow each step carefully and you'll be amazed at how great these will turn out.
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