I love Halloween and I especially love Halloween candy. There's so many great treats around this time of year. I think some of my favorites are those mini and fun-size versions of all of the candy I love throughout the year.

The thing I don't love, though, is the weird candy that always comes out this time of year. Well, in an effort to know exactly what candy to avoid, I've put together a list of the top 10 grossest Halloween candies of all time. Some are pretty disgusting, others are even worse. Maybe you'd like to give some of these a try, though? Come on, I dare you.

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Candy Corn Oreos 1

Candy Corn Oreos


Image via Amazon

I just don't understand why anyone would take the deliciousness of Oreos and add candy corn. Granted, I'm not a fan of candy corn to begin with but just combo just looks so weird and gross that I can't stand it. Ugh!

Available on Amazon.com, $16.


Jelly Belly Gummi Rat 2

Jelly Belly Gummi Rat

Image via Amazon

Why would anyone want to eat a rat? Even if it looks all cute with the gummi-ness of this one, it's not really going to look very appetizing. I'm actually pretty grossed out by all of this, especially since they call it a "pet rat". Whaaaa???

Available on Amazon.com, $33.


White Chocolate Candy Corn M&Ms 3

White Chocolate Candy Corn M&Ms


Image via Amazon

White chocolate is good. Candy corn can be good, at least sometimes if you're in the mood. But why would you combine these two? M&Ms are one of my favorite candies, but these are definitely NOT going to be on my grocery list.

Available on Amazon.com, $7.

Gummi Eyeballs 4

Gummi Eyeballs

Image via Candy Tech

Eyeballs? SERIOUSLY? Who exactly is going to want to eat eyeballs? These look so unappetizing that I don't even know what to do with myself. Just gross, gross, and BEYOND gross, no matter how gummy they may be!

Available on Munchies, $13.


Candy Slime Filled Nose 5

Candy Slime Filled Nose

Image via Baron Bob

Let me get this straight: You put on this fake nose and then candy from the nose drips down like boogers and then you're supposed to eat it? Does that sound like something you actually want to do? I definitely don't!

Available on BaronBob.com, $3.


Candy blood 6

Candy blood

Image via Candy Tech

Blood is disgusting enough without somebody pretending that it's okay to eat. Um, at least it's cherry flavored? I mean, I love cherry candy but the fact that it's all squishy and slimy and looking like blood--GROSS!

Available from CandyWarehouse.com, $30.


Brain hard candy 7

Brain hard candy


Image via Candy Warehouse

Well, this might actually be a pretty appropriate snack considering all of the Zombie Apocalypse news that were everywhere earlier this year. Can anyone say "I want to eat your brains"? Still, kinda weird and creepy.

Available on CandyWarehouse.com, $30.

Sushi Body Parts Gummy Candy 8

Sushi Body Parts Gummy Candy

Image via Candy Warehouse

Okay, I have to admit: these are kind of cute. I really love sushi, but not sure that I'd want to have sushi-shaped candy, much less sushi-shaped candy that looks like bloody ears, fingers, and eyeballs. 

Available on CandyWarehouse.com, $4.


Scorpion Candy 9

Scorpion Candy

Image via Hotlix

Want to have some banana-flavored scorpion? Or perhaps you'd prefer the blueberry kind? I might go for the strawberry-flavored pop, actually. I'm really not sure about these cause they're super weird looking. Yuck!

Available on Hotlix.com, $3.

Harry Potter Every Flavor Beans 10

Harry Potter Every Flavor Beans

Image via Jelly Belly

Harry Potter is great but I can't believe that they actually made jelly belly beans out of "every flavor" the way that it is in the book. This includes some disgusting flavors that I can't even tell you about because they are too gross to think about.

Available on JellyBelly.com, $3.