I've been in love with tomatoes ever since I can remember, so I've always been pretty sure that they were really, really good for me. Now I'm happy to report that I was right, thanks to a new study published in the print issue of Neurology, which found that tomatoes can lower your risk of suffering a stroke. This is all thanks to lycopene, which is present in all red fruits and vegetables but is MUCH higher in tomatoes--especially processed tomatoes with a small amount of cooking oil added.

Well, to celebrate the happy news that tomatoes can save your life (cause, seriously, who wants to get a stroke?), I'm planning to make one of these 5 super-yummy Latin tomato recipes to enjoy with the whole family. Whether you want fresh, canned, sundried or any other kind of tomato, I guarantee you that there's a recipe here that you and your loved ones will absolutely LOVE--plus it'll be good for you, too!


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