Cadbury introduces yet another unnecessary women's product to the world

Following the ridiculous yet growing trend of needless gender-specific products, UK candy company Cadbury has just introduced Crispello, a chocolate bar made specifically for women. I know what you're wondering--why exactly do we need chocolate made just for us? Good question! I have NO idea either.


According to the company, Crispello consists of  "three curved crispy wafer shells" that have been dipped in chocolate and wrapped in shiny purple paper (obviously), which also happens to be resealable-- y'know in case, our teeny tiny stomachs can't handle the total 165 calories at one time. Oh, and don't even get me started on the condescending tagline, "A little treat for you." Barf.

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"The mix of wafer and chocolate is a lighter way to eat chocolate, and we know from experience that women are attracted to this particular format," a spokesman for Cadbury told the Daily Maily. "It will also appeal to women, because it is in three separate portions so they can consume a little at a time rather than in one go."

Um, excuse me sir, but are you actually trying to explain to me what I should like in my chocolate and how to eat it? Puhhhlease. Contrary to the company's belief, I--like most women--are perfectly capable of not only eating and enjoying a whole damn candy bar when I want to, but also of picking one out on a basis other than its packaging. Without anyone else's help.

Sigh. I guess there ARE two pluses to the product though--first of all, more chocolate options on the market can't really be a bad thing, even if the item itself is super patronizing and secondly…well, at least it's not wrapped in hot pink!

Image via Cadbury

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