$11,000 might be a little too much to pay for the perfect cup of coffee

As Latinos we LOVE our coffee and can't imagine starting our day without cafe. But how much are we willing to pay for our favorite piping hot beverage? Well, if price is no object to you, then let me introduce you to the Blossom One Limited, which, according to the manufacturers, brews coffee in an advanced way guaranteeing you a "perfect" cup every time. The price, you ask? Well, it will set you back a little more than $11,000.

Yes you read right, that's $11 with three zeroes after it--$11 grand.


This new contraption is available for a limited time and was created by designers who have worked for NASA, Apple, Tesla, and BMW. They claim to have found the right combination to create the perfect brew through science and engineering. The machine is intended for café, restaurant, and hotel use, but there are probably plenty of coffee enthusiasts willing to cough up that amount of money if it means getting the perfect cup.

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I'm probably the worst Latina because I don't drink coffee religiously, but I DO appreciate a good cup from time to time. I can't say I'm thoroughly convinced that the more expensive a coffee machine is the better tasting the product will be. I also don't see many of  us purchasing this item, because, c'mon, why would we shell out money for an item that costs about as much a down payment for a house?

According to the designers, the machine is small, easy to operate, and allows you to have complete control over temperature, pressure, volume and time. It also has paper filters and is compatible with standard E61 espresso porta-filter baskets. Whatever that means! In addition, it has WiFi which allows users to connect directly to preparation recommendations making it easy to share the coffeemaker's brewing recipes. A coffee maker that gets an internet signal? Well, NOW I've seen it all!

So if you're a big fancypants coffee-holic and must get your hands on this new gadget, it is available for pre-order online.

I guess it's great that technology has found a way to update our favorite brew, but let's be real here--no overpriced coffee machine can make a better cafecito than the one my abuela makes in her cafetera on the stovetop, which is hands-down the best coffee EVER!

Image via Blossom Coffee

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