All these food recalls make me scared to open the fridge!

What is going on, world?! I honestly can't tell if all the disgusting food news and the insane recalls this year are because I'm paying more attention or because our food is actually getting more dangerous, but I'm kind of betting on the latter. It's bad enough that there's pink slime in schools, contaminated chicken, needles in our airplane sandwiches, now we can't even buy a simple jar of peanut butter or some beef to feed your family. These latest food recalls are enough to make me want to stop eating all together!


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After a recent salmonella outbreak at Trader Joe's groceries, "a New Mexico-based company is recalling 76 types of peanut butter and almond butter", according to Fox News Latino. Now, I'm not even that huge of a peanut butter fan, but salmonella is TERRIFYING to me and I am extremely afraid for all of the kids that have it daily as their lunch or snack. I don't think any of us want them to get sick! Ugh.

Even worse, though, is reporting that now beef is being recalled, too! BEEF! What are we Latinos supposed to do without beef? Seriously! I don't eat meat that often but what if I have a craving tonight? I don't think I'm brave enough to go to the grocery store and risk catching something from the "recalled products range from hamburger patties, to bratwurst, meatballs, pepperoni, and jerky."

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Seriously, what's a girl supposed to eat around here? Already chicken and beef isn't safe. Peanuts aren't safe! Queso fresco and melons aren't safe to eat, either! Okay, that's it. I am just going to go on a starvation diet because this is just too ridiculous.

Well, okay, maybe I'm not going to starve myself--but I am certainly going to have to be SUPER careful to make sure I'm not feeding myself or my family any of these dangerous foods!

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