Awesome Rihanna remix has kids teaching how to love fruits and veggies! (VIDEO)

I admit: I love Rihanna. I've loved her ever since her first single and I'm anxiously awaiting her next album. One of the reasons why I love her so much is because her music is absolutely THE BEST to work out to. The thing I didn't realize, though, is that you can also take the lyrics to her hit song "S.O.S." and remix them into a video about good-for-you food--and that's exactly what these kids did in this awesome new video where they teach others how to love fruits and veggies!


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Seriously, how cute are these little girls singing about the ailments of their favorite non-healthy foods and the extra energy they've earned thanks to eating fruits and vegetables instead? I definitely think this will encourage ANY kid to eat a little healthier. I mean, wouldn't you rather learn from a peer instead of someone lecturing you? I can DEFINITELY see this being one of the best ways to help kids get healthier.

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Honestly, even though I'm an adult, this song is kind of infectious. It definitely makes me want to sing about giving up pie and eating a celery stick instead. They make everything sound SO appetizing and amazing, especially when they point out how unhealthy food makes you feel tired and healthy food gives you tons of energy. These girls are seriously SMART!

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