When the weather gets cold, we all start eating more. Admit it: between the Holidays coming up and craving stews and soups as it gets chillier, this is the season that we all start packing on the pounds.

Well, if you're a bit afraid of gaining that weight this year, I've got the perfect cure: these 7 Latino fall foods that are actually going to HELP you lose weight! Whether it's boniato or pepitas, there are definitely big weight loss advantages to having more of these fruits and veggies this time of year so go ahead and indulge a little!

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Grapefruit 1


Image via debs/flickr

The subtropical citrus is a GREAT weight-loss aid, since it is full of fiber to prolong digestion and keep you from getting hungry too fast. Plus, just half of a grapefruit has almost 100 percent of your daily vitamin C needs, which helps to keep those Autumn colds away!


Pumpkin 2


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Autum is the time for calabaza. Any way you have it (in soup, pureed, in a salad, as pumpkin bread, anything!), you're sure to benefit from the fiber, vitamin A and potassium in this fall vegetable.


Dates 3


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Popular in Spanish cuisine, dates are the ideal alternative to candy thanks to the sweet fruit being a good source of iron and dietary fiber. Plus, they taste great whether they're wrapped in bacon or just eaten by the handful.

Sweet Potatoes 4

Sweet Potatoes

Image via IITA Image Library/flickr

We love our boniatos, right? Well, lucky for us, the sweet potato is low on the glycemic index, which means it can help stabilize blood sugars and prevent feelings of hunger. Plus, it's full of fiber and a great Fall side dish.


Tangerines 5


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Another popular citrus, they're also a great source of fiber and Vitamin C but the best part is that they're so sweet and easy to peel that they make a perfect (and healthy!) afternoon snack that'll stop you from reaching for that candy bar.


Kiwi 6


Image via pizzodisevo/flickr

Although originally from New Zealand, Latinos have adopted this fruit that makes a fantastic snack thanks to being a perfect version of nature's portion control with each palm-sized fruit being just 46 calories!


Pumpkin Seeds 7

Pumpkin Seeds

Image via jaxzin/flickr

Who doesn't love pepitas? They're FULL of healthy fats and, when roasted, make a great snack or addition to a lunch-time salad. Plus, they have 1/3 less fat than peanuts so they make the ideal healthy treat!