This week on MamásLatinas Knows Best, we're talking about a topic that is forever a main point of conversation around here: food! Here in the office, we all looove to eat, and each one of us has grown up eating traditional food from our different cultures--which means we're constantly swapping and discussing our family's best recipes.

Of course, we all have our one favorite Latin dish that we make for any occasion, whether for a dinner party or just because we need a taste. Below, check out what these go-to meals are and why we love them. Who knows? Maybe you'll love them too!

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Add Comment What's YOUR favorite go-to Latin dish?
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Add Comment What's YOUR favorite go-to Latin dish?

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I love to make picadillo for my son and me. I love the sweetness from the raisins and the saltiness from the olives. Goes great with rice or spaghetti. I'm african american but I love the latino culture. My ex was from El Salvador and he taught one or two dishes. Mi novio ahora es Hondureno and he taught me how to make PROPER tortillas by hand! Next is pupusas. Lovin' life!
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