Sexist Tecate ad fails to realize women drink beer too! (VIDEO)

Do you consider yourself a tomboy or a girly girl? Most of the time, I bounce wildly between the two sides of the spectrum but there are some cases where I definitely have much more of a guy's girl attitude.  One example? Given the choice between a cosmo or a beer, I'd pick beer any day of the week…which is why I got really annoyed I saw the totally sexist, new commercial for Mexican beer, Tecate.


In the ad, a man sits on the couch and drinks a beer (obviously) when his girlfriend appears and asks him the question that the marketing world seems to think is the only one we women ever ask: "Do I look fat in this dress?"

As the guy ponders his answer ('cause, you know it's a really difficult question, given the fact that the woman is stick-thin), he wonders what would happen if he actually said yes –and let me tell you, the results of his imagination are not pretty. Basically, his girlfriend cries non-stop for the next several days, at least in his head. The thought is enough to scare him into saying "No, you look amazing." The commercial ends with the tagline, "Here's to those who prefer peace over truth."

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WOOOOOW, really?! Could this ad be any more condescending? Yes, women care what their partners think of them and yes, on occasion, we'll ask them what they think of particular but it's not like the fate of our happiness depends on a guy's opinion. Plus, the commercial insinuates that females are the only ones sensitive about their weight or body. Please, no one—males included—likes being called fat, especially by a loved one.

The commercial is obviously targeted towards guys, which admittedly may be the majority of their demographic…but that doesn't mean they should alienate potential female customers like me.  From now on, when it comes to Mexican beers, I think I'll be sticking with the more all-inclusive Corona, thank you very much!  

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