'Top Chef Masters': Lorena Garcia fights for the win with Latin dishes!

In this week's episode of Top Chef Masters, only five remained and, lucky for us, Chef Lorena Garcia is one of them! The competition is definitely getting harder, though, with Chef Patricia Yeo trash-talking Lorena the entire episode.

The two are the last women standing (alongside Chef Chris Cosentino, Chef Kerry Heffernan, and Chef Takashi Yagihashi) and there seems to be quite the competition between them. In this episode, inspired by Las Vegas being the boxing capital of the world, it all came to a head as Chef Lorena and Chef Patricia were pitted against each other in an Iron Chef-style battle. So who won?


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Well, the first win of the night went to Chef Kerry. He successfully completed the Quickfire challenge, which was all about prep for the five remaining chefs. Chef Kerry and Chef Takashi came out on top to actually cook with their prep ingredients, but it was Kerry who won and not only earned immunity but also sat out the Elimination challenge.

Then, in walked special guest Sugar Ray Leonard and all of the chefs FREAKED out, with Lorena's face being my favorite. The final challenge, it turned out, was a boxing-style elimination where it was Chef Takashi vs. Chef Chris and Chef Lorena vs. Chef Patricia (who kept on the trash talk). Chef Chris and Chef Lorena won that first round (take that, Patricia Yeo!) and moved on to the second round.

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And guess what? Chef Lorena Garcia won again!!! Woo hoo! That's her second Elimination challenge win and she's getting closer to earning the title of Top Chef Master. Plus, she's now up to getting $25,000 for her charity, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. I just love her for beating Patricia with her tocineta (a.k.a. bacon) dish of potato and bacon chowder with corn and bacon sofrito on top, then beating Chef Chris with her flourless chocolate cake, pineapple, and caramelized walnuts, with dulce de leche sauce. Keep going with the Latin dishes, Lorena!

Sadly, in the third round, it was Chef Patricia vs. Chef Takashi to see who went home--and it was Chef Takashi! I think everyone was shocked by this and I'm definitely disappointed to see him leave while the annoyingly quiet and trash-talking Patricia remains, but that's just how competition plays out. I'll definitely be tuning in next week as the Final Four prepare for the last few episodes!

Are you happy to see Chef Lorena Garcia come out on top again? Do you think she will win the title? Share with us in the comments below!

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