'Top Chef Masters': Lorena Garcia's BFF Art Smith heads home! (VIDEO)

In an episode that had me and Lorena Garcia in tears by the end, amazing Southern chef Art Smith was sent home from the elimination challenge.

As a huge fan of his (I was cheering him on for second place all season), I'm truly saddened but the thing that made me really upset is that Lorena's biggest supporter and new bestie was cut from the show. Their growing friendship has been one of the highlights of this season of Top Chef Masters and his sweet words about Lorena at the end only solidified why they were such a perfect pair.


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After winning with a super-Latin dish last week, Lorena was up for any challenge during this week's "Thai One On" episode. Until, that is, it became all about Thai food. Both Chef Lorena and Chef Art were clearly shaken to learn that the Elimination Challenge this week would be create a Thai restaurant inside of Chef Saipin Chutima's Lotus of Siam. Art's reaction: "God, two days. Lord God Mother Joseph Jesus. And Buddha."

Meanwhile, Lorena quizzed Chef Saipin about Thai seasonings as the famed Chef demonstrated some of her country's dishes. Although Lorena had done well with the "sexy" avocados in the Quickfire Challenge, featuring guest judge Dita von Teese, and her Venezuelan-inspired tom ka gai did okay, she didn't win out the night—and lost a friend in the process.

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Lucky for us, the Venezuelan chef lives to see another episode but I will definitely be sad to see her without her trusting friend. He's off to bigger and better things, though, like returning to his Venezuelan husband (can you TELL why these two got along so well?!). In the meantime, as he exited the show, he raved about Lorena and her talent—which I wholeheartedly agree with—so watch below!

Are you sad to see Chef Lorena Garcia's trusted new friend Chef Art Smith depart from the show? Excited to see her advance into the top 5 on Top Chef: Masters season 4? Share with us in the comments below!

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