Nicole Richie shares the WORST baby shower cake ever made! (PHOTO)

I'm not very often grossed out by vaginas. No, seriously, I've always been pretty comfortable with female body parts and the whole giving birth thing. It actually takes quite a lot to gross me out but I've now found something that seriously has me disturbed: THIS CAKE!

Nicole Richie recently tweeted a photo of this cake from a friend's baby shower. As you can see, the cake features a woman laying down with her legs spread eagle, pretty much right in the middle of giving birth.

How CREEPY is that?!


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Now, I will fully admit that this cake is sort of amazing--as in, it is really creative and I can't even imagine how difficult it was to make it. At the end of the day, though, I cannot imagine wanting to eat my own cake nipples at my baby shower. WHAT is going on with this cake?!

Clearly, Nicole Richie is going to some fancy baby showers, though, if this is the kind of dining they're doing there. However, no matter how fancy my baby shower and how much I'd want a really, really nice cake—WHY do we have to see a woman pushing a cake baby out of her cake vagina? Wonder how that cake cutting went: "Who wants a piece of with my pubes on it?" Are you gagging yet, cause I'm way past that.

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I almost feel like I need a shower after this one. THAT is how disturbed I am by the whole thing. Maybe I should just laugh it off because it's really not that big a deal, but then every time I look at it again, I just get a chill. I love me some cake, girl, but I'll take mine sans the pubes, vagina and half-born baby, thanks!

What do you think of this woman-giving-birth cake? Would you do something like this at your own baby shower? Share with us in the comments below!

Image via Nicole Richie/Instagram

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