I wasn't really a lover of bacon until very, very recently. Now I'm a full-fledged convert and I'm here to congratulate the delicious food on International Bacon Day.

Now, what exactly is International Bacon Day? As if you couldn't guess, it's a day to eat bacon. Lots and lots of bacon. Okay, I know that I typically strive for healthier meals and I very much believe in a balanced diet—but sometimes a girl just needs some bacon, okay? Which is why I'm sharing these 5 Latin recipes because I know that YOU love to indulge in some bacon occasionally, too. Some are easy, some are complicated. Some are a great snack, others a great lunch or dinner. And, as always, all of them are incredibly delicious, so don't miss out!


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What is your favorite Latin recipe with bacon? Share with us in the comments below!

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