With Back to School season upon us, I'm constantly worrying about what to feed kids. Although I was always a fan of my school's cafeteria food growing up, the more I read about it these days the more I just CANNOT allow a child to eat that stuff. I mean, seriously, between the ammonia-treated beef trimmings, a.k.a. "pink slime", appearing at schools and ALL of the junk food, there has to be a safer choice!

Well, when it comes to eating lunch at school, the best choice may actually be what mami can make. And while I don't think any kids want to go to school with a Tupperware full of arroz con pollo, these 5 Latin sandwiches are DEFINITELY going be a crowd pleaser. Check out the full recipes below and get ready to have your kids feasting on something safer and healthier at school!


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Will you be making sandwiches for your kids to take to school? What's your favorite Latin-style sandwich? Share with us in the comments below!

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