5 Latin sandwiches the kids can take to school! (RECIPES)

With Back to School season upon us, I'm constantly worrying about what to feed kids. Although I was always a fan of my school's cafeteria food growing up, the more I read about it these days the more I just CANNOT allow a child to eat that stuff. I mean, seriously, between the ammonia-treated beef trimmings, a.k.a. "pink slime", appearing at schools and ALL of the junk food, there has to be a safer choice!

Well, when it comes to eating lunch at school, the best choice may actually be what mami can make. And while I don't think any kids want to go to school with a Tupperware full of arroz con pollo, these 5 Latin sandwiches are DEFINITELY going be a crowd pleaser. Check out the full recipes below and get ready to have your kids feasting on something safer and healthier at school!

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Will you be making sandwiches for your kids to take to school? What's your favorite Latin-style sandwich? Share with us in the comments below!

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That grilled cheese with tomato and avacado looks goooood!


Sometimes I do make sandwiches and I am thinking on using a wrap or tortilla to make them. My son is a picky eater and although all the recipes look delicious I really don't think he would eat them.


Oh yum!  That's a good family dinner around here. 

They all look yummy.
They all look delicious. My favorite is probably te grilled cheese with tomato and avocado. Me recuerdo abuela y mami preparándolos deliciosamente. ;-) My children like good ol' peanut butter and jelly. But they do like traditional Latino sandwiches as well. I'm sure I'll mix it up when it's time to pack lunch for school.

I have to admit that my daughter is a picky eater =( sometimes I don't really know what to send in her lunch box. All the options are great! hope she likes something from the list.

The chicken and mole sandwich and jamón sandwich look delicious. Great now I'm hungry.
They all look good. Thanks for sharing

These look so good.   I'm craving the grilled cheese with avocado.  :)


they look sooo good and yet so simpl! perfect for my lifestyle!!!

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