Getting my kids to eat healthy is not always possible, but with this quick snack I can sneak some potassium and whole wheat bread into their diet. Best of all, they LOVE it! Bet you anything your kids will too!


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What tricks do you use to get your kids to eat healthier?

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Christina Cruz Castaneda is a mother of three at home, a cooking guru on YouTube and is serving one dish at a time to all mamás latinas!

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It's sound delicious... But best of all Im going to trick my kids into eating wheat bread. They love bananas and Nutella but the wheat not so much.. Thanks for the idea..

What a nice suggestion. Another good one is nutella and honey on a sandwich


I never tricked my kids---they've always eaten healthy



I switched to wheat bread years ago,

so that's what they eat.

I just wish wheat was as healthy as it was years ago.

I did a few of these changes a while ago

Quick and easy snack!  I juice and sneak things into sauces.

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