'Top Chef Masters': Lorena Garcia shines in Quickfire challenge

After facing elimination in last week's episode, Chef Lorena Garcia came out (mostly) on top in episode 4 of the fourth season of Bravo's Top Chef: Masters

In an episode titled "Grand Canyon Cookout," Lorena and the other cheftestants actually headed to the beautiful Grand Canyon for the elimination challenge to pair up in sets of two for a task that involved taking ingredients that are indigenous to that area and to the native Hualapai tribe. They were tasked with preparing four family-style dishes with Lorena and Chef Art Smith being the first to step up to serve their meal. 


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Before all the stress of the final challenge, though, Chef Lorena showed her fellow contestants just how it's done (WOO!) by winning the Quickfire challenge with her smoky grilled cauliflower. The Latina chef proved that we CAN make great vegetarian meals and received immunity as well as $5,000 for her charity. 

Unfortunately, though, she didn't do quite as well with the main task and was forced into the bottom again with partner Chef Art. They were not alone, though, when they were joined by Chef Kerry Heffernan (in the bottom for the second week in a row) and Chef Clark Frasier (whose partner, Chef Mark Gaier, went home last week). So who was cut this time around?

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Well, it wasn't Chef Lorena! She had won immunity earlier, thank goodness. Chef Art was also forgiven his dried-out quail and Chef Kerry was saved by the delicious sauces on her tenderloin. Yes, that means that Chef Clark was sent home, to be reunited with his partner Chef Mark, for serving up a "bland succotash". I was sad to see him go, but extremely relieved that Chef Lorena and Chef Art, both of whom spoke beautifully about food and love throughout the episode, lived to see another day of the competition. 

Did you watch this week's episode of Top Chef Masters? Are you happy to see Chef Lorena win the Quickfire challenge? Share with us in the comments below!

Image via Bravo

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