3 Healthy quinoa salads to make you feel great (VIDEOS)

Quinoa has been one of my favorite cooking ingredients for over a year now. Ever since I discovered the health benefits of the South American seed (that's typically mistaken for a grain), I was in love. It's not every day that I can eat something that's delicious but also a "complete protein" and therefore quite good for me.

The other day I read about Chef Ray Garcia's love of quinoa and his signature quinoa salad with orange blossom vinaigrette. In one of my favorite ideas ever, he actually changes the veggies in this healthy dish based on what's in season. Well, I started looking around for other great quinoa salad recipes and found three super-easy healthy quinoa salad recipe videos that I know you'll fall in love with, too.


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Red Lentils & Quinoa Salad

Mexican Quinoa Salad

Super Healthy Quinoa Salad

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Image via Whole Living

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