'Top Chef Masters': Chef Lorena Garcia faces elimination

After falling in the middle during last week's episode of Top Chef: Masters, Chef Lorena Garcia put out a great meal this time around--but her team fell in the bottom and the Latina faced getting kicked off.

In an episode that was only maybe slightly less crazy than the "cook a wedding feast in 24 hours" theme from last time, this time everything was Japan-inspired with the chef-testants having to prepare raw seafood for their quickfire challenge and then cook on "the most challenging of chef's tables," a Teppanyaki (a flat iron griddle frequently used in Japanese steakhouses).


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Nobody was really all that surprised that Chef Takashi Yagihashi on the quickfire challenge, but it was the main show that we were all eager to watch. That's when the chefs had to cook a fantastic meal in JUST 30 MINUTES in front of the usual critics and the three former Top Chef Masters. I mean, talk about pressure! I'm sorry, I meant to say: Each group has 30 minutes, which means the chefs have 10 minutes each. I think I was sweating on their behalf the whole time!

Chef Lorena is on the first team to go and Chef/Host Curtis Stone points out that it's weird that nobody on her team is actually tasting their food. She's got a good response for him though: She points out that tasting the food while you're cooking it tableside might actually be rude. Um, yeah! I've been to plenty of Japanese steakhouses in my day and I would be HORRIFIED if the chef tasted the dish. I just expect them to know what they're doing.

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Of course, while I did agree with her, it turns out that this was a bad move on their part. Chef Mark Gaier, Chef Kerry Heffernan and Chef Lorena were the bottom team, and thus had to take some harsh criticism from the judges. Mark gets kicked off and, although I was extremely happy that Lorena lived to see another episode, it was sad because his partner, Chef Clark Frasier, is still on the show! Sad to break up a couple, but HOORAY for Chef Lorena Garcia! I can't wait for next week.

Do you think Chef Lorena's team should have tasted their food, even though it would have been rude? Are you glad that she's on the show still Share with us in the comments below!

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