10 Creative food tips that will make your life easier!

I love my kitchen. I mean, seriously, I LOVE my kitchen. I love everything about it: I love cooking, I love playing with new kitchen tools and I even love organizing and cleaning it.

One thing that I don't necessarily love about my kitchen, though, is when a new recipe takes much longer than I would like it to. That's why I started searching for genius kitchen tricks to make everything simpler.

I did all the work, so you don't have to! Here they are--the best of the best, 10 creative food tips that will make your life SO much easier!

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What are YOUR favorite tips and tricks for food in the kitchen? Share with us in the comments below!

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Irina Gonzalez is a Staff Writer for MamásLatinas. She loves pop culture, social media, photography and, above all, discovering new places. She's also a foodie eating healthy and learning to enjoy exercise.

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I can't find the how-to for some of this "tips." Like How to Peel an Orange Like a Boss... a million images, but no real link! Help!

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This website is another A plus for Latinos!
This website is an A plus for Latinos!

Thanks Maria!

ML Irina

MamaChristina: Sorry about that! We fixed it: http://articles.mamaslatinas.com/food_fiestas/104938/10_creative_food_tips_that/1821/peeling_a_grapefruit_like_a#slideshow

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