National Watermelon Day: Celebrate with these 5 refreshing treats (RECIPES)

Since today is National Watermelon Day--and because it's really, really hot outside!--I decided to indulge in my favorite childhood summertime treat. Growing up, my Cuban papi would chop up some fresh watermelon, and the whole family would spend a perfect afternoon just lying out in the sun and cooling down with this delicious fruit. 

Some of these Latin-inspired watermelon favorites are just what we need on a hot day (like the agua fresca in a watermelon keg and jalapeño-watermelon pops), some are the perfect after-work cocktail (like the watermelon mojito and spicy watermelon daiquiri) and one is simply a refreshing dessert (the tropical watermelon sorbet). Either way, celebrate today with these 5 delicious recipes in honor of National Watermelon Day!

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What is your favorite way to cool down with watermelon? Will you be having some today on National Watermelon Day? Share with us in the comments below! 

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