Grocery store's "man aisle" proves men need to learn to food shop on their own! (PHOTO)

Have you ever sent your husband into the store for a few simple items...only to receive 15 phone calls with him asking "What is it you want again?" Well, one New York grocery store is looking to help ease that problem by creating a--wait for it--"man aisle!"


One of Manhattan's Westside Market locations decided to make guy's lives a little easier by creating a section specifically designed for them. As you can probably guess, the area contains all of the male food necessities--barbecue items, hot sauces, beer, cereal, and chips. And it doesn't end there: The market also created a "Men's Supermarket Survival Guide," which reportedly contains "helpful tips and tricks for saving time, money, and picking out the best ingredients."

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OK, as ridiculous as this whole enterprise is, I have to admit I also find the concept pretty hilarious. After all, it's a sad truth that many guys (like my dear ol' dad for instance) are hopelessly inept when it comes to grocery shopping. It's as if they walk into a store and the sheer amount of mustard and tomato sauce options makes their brains explode. That's not to say that there aren't men who are perfectly competent market hoppers, but I think most would agree they are few and far in between. 

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But while in theory, the notion is pretty funny (and kind of true!), I can't help but raise my eyebrows at the fact that markets are actually carrying out this practice. First of all, it's sexist--there's no beating around it. Having a "man aisle" indicates that men need a designated section because they don't belong in the store, which by extension indicates that women DO belong there.

Even more importantly than that, though, is the (ironic) fact that "man aisles" only perpetuate a male's continued incompetence when it comes to shopping smartly and healthfully. I mean, why do they even need the help? Grown men should be able to figure out how to perform a skill as necessary as buying food on their own--and somehow, I don't think an aisle full of unhealthy, stereotypical "male food" will help them do that.  

 What do you think of the "man aisle?" Do you think your man needs one to shop? Tell us in the comments below!

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