As a food blogger myself (that's the pork from the Chef Floyd Cardoz event I recently attended), I know exactly how much work goes into the work of maintaing one. If you've read any of my writing on Mamás Latinas, you probably already know that I am pretty obsessed with food. Okay, so I do generally try to keep it healthy but one of the things that i love most about food is sharing it with others. 

It should come as no surprise that I am just as equally obsessed with food blogs. I mean, what better way to share your own culinary adventures than by talking about it (and sharing the recipes) with other people that love to cook and eat? Of course, there are many food blogs that I check obsessively--but these 11 Latina food bloggers are by far my favorites. They're all a little different (coming from different Latin American backgrounds) but they all share one big love: the love of food! And can't we all relate to that?

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Do you love to follow food blogs? What is your favorite recipe that you've learned online? Share with us in the comments below!

Always Order Dessert 1

Always Order Dessert

Image via Always Order Dessert

Alejandra Ramos, a New York City-based culinary concierge, is the brains behind Always Order Dessert--which she started after attending culinary school in Italy. She blogs about delicious food, easy entertaining and other tidbits about food.

My favorite recipe:  Casquitos de Guayaba.


Poor Girl Eats Well 2

Poor Girl Eats Well

Image via Poor Girl Eats Well

Kimberly A. Morales describes herself as a "singer, writer, artist" with "champagne taste, 2 buckchuck budget," which is why she started the popular blog Poor Girl Eats Well--where she catalogs "how to eat ridiculously well on a miniscule budget."

My favorite recipe: Lentil & Sweet Pepper Tacos.


Nibbles and Feats 3

Nibbles and Feats

Image via Nibbles and Feats

Ericka Sanchez writes about her love of food on Nibbles and Feasts--a love that comes from nostalgia and comfort. The Mexican blogger dedicates her site to her mother, who was her "first chef and cooking instructor," which definitely explains all the great food!

My favorite recipe: Capirotada (Bread Pudding)

Flanboyant Eats 4

Flanboyant Eats

Image via Flanboyant Eats

Bren Herrera, the Cuban voice behind Flanboyant Eats, believes in "sexy yet accessible food" and believes that "pressure cooking is the best thing that could have been invented"--something that I agree with and the reason why I love her blog so much. 

My favorite recipe: Carne con Papa


Latino Foodie 5

Latino Foodie

Image via Latino Foodie

Latino Foodie is maintained by co-founders Art Rodriguez and Stephen Chavez and contributing writer Norma Vega. I love their different takes on food, from events to delicious recipes and the way they talk about all things Latin food and culture. 

My favorite recipe: Frittata de Nopalitos.


Hungry Sofia 6

Hungry Sofia

Image via Hungry Sofia

Ana Sofia Peláez, the voice behind Hungry Sofia, talks frankly about her love of food and how she's "hungry because it’s never enough and it’s never enough because I’m just so hungry". The Latin recipes featured on her blog are absolutely always a hit.

My favorite recipe: Pollo Frito a la Milanesa.


Presley's Pantry 7

Presley's Pantry

Image via Presley's Pantry

Nicole Presley is the Mexican-American girl behind Presley's Pantry. She became interested in food from a young age (even though her mom didn't cook) and loves to catalog "the recipes of my scruptious journey" and says "la comida es mi VIDA!"

My favorite recipe: Cherry Watermelon Sangria.

Muy Bueno Cookbook 8

Muy Bueno Cookbook

Image via Muy Bueno Cookbook

The Muy Bueno Cookbook blog is written by Veronica, Vangie & Yvette--a mother and two daughter team from Texas who wanted to share their family's "special culinary heritage" that they learned from mother/grandmother Jesusita.

My favorite recipe: Chicken Tortilla Soup.


Sweet Life 9

Sweet Life

Image via Sweet Life

Vianney Rodriguez is the "proud Hispanic" who's currently living the Sweet Life in Texas--meanwhile she's also cooking, eating and is completely addicted to margaritas made with fresh, bold flavors (which is OBVIOUSLY the main reason I love her!).

My favorite recipe: Pineapple-Cucumber Margarita.

La Cocina de Leslie 10

La Cocina de Leslie

Image via La Cocina de Leslie

Leslie Limón is the stay-at-home mom behind La Cocina de Leslie, a blog that celebrates "food, family & life in Mexico." She was raised on the food of her grandparents and currently shares all of her favorites from the kitchen. 

My favorite recipe: Poblano Macaroni & Cheese.


Layita 11


Image via Layita

Laylita's Recipe is written by Ecuadorean Layla Pujol. She shares a TON of recipes and one of the things that I love most about her site is that you can see it all in Spanish. Plus, she's all about respecting and loving other kinds of Latin American cooking!

My favorite recipe: Empanadas Endocinas.