As a food blogger myself (that's the pork from the Chef Floyd Cardoz event I recently attended), I know exactly how much work goes into the work of maintaing one. If you've read any of my writing on Mamás Latinas, you probably already know that I am pretty obsessed with food. Okay, so I do generally try to keep it healthy but one of the things that i love most about food is sharing it with others. 

It should come as no surprise that I am just as equally obsessed with food blogs. I mean, what better way to share your own culinary adventures than by talking about it (and sharing the recipes) with other people that love to cook and eat? Of course, there are many food blogs that I check obsessively--but these 11 Latina food bloggers are by far my favorites. They're all a little different (coming from different Latin American backgrounds) but they all share one big love: the love of food! And can't we all relate to that?


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Do you love to follow food blogs? What is your favorite recipe that you've learned online? Share with us in the comments below!

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