5 Latin-style sandwiches to bring with you on an airplane (RECIPES)

In case you havn't heard, airline food has now officially become one of the worst things on the planet after sewing needles were found in some Delta sandwiches. By the time I was done trying to figure out what the heck happened here, I pretty much resolved to stop eating airline food, period.

What are my options, though, if I don't want to eat something that's potentially a hazard to my health (in more ways than one)? That's when I remembered my abuelita, who still will often bring her own food in a baggie instead of buying something in the airport or (gasp!) eating airplane food.

So I'm going to tak a page out of her book and start bringing my OWN sandwiches to the airport. And with recipes that give a Latin-twist to delicious sandwiches like the ones below, who could resist?!

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What's your favorite Latin-style sandwich? Will you be bringing one of these on your next trip? Share with us in the comments below!