Airline food even MORE unsafe after needles found in Delta's sandwiches (VIDEO)

Okay, I already knew that airplane food wasn't so safe after a report came out that maggots were found in kid's snack packs but now needles have been found in some of Delta Air Lines' sandwiches and I couldn't possibly be more grossed out!

I mean, seriously, NEEDLES?! I can almost understand maggots in food since, you know, that's kind of what they're drawn to. But how in the heck do we end up with sewing needles in four turkey sandwiches on completely separate flights? How are needles even involved in the process of making food?


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Besides being pretty disgusted and deciding to never eat anything from an airplane ever again, I'm also just plain old confused about how this happened. The company who made the sandwiches, Gate Gourmet, has been said that they originated from the firm's facility in Amsterdam and now the FBI is investigating the ordeal.

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I honestly hope that this doesn't happen again, but I am definitely very wary of the safety issues associated with airline food. I mean, even the supposed healthiest sandwich ever doesn't sound very appealing to me. And after watching the video report of this whole needle-in-a-sandwich fiasco, below, I'm not sure I'll ever be eating something that an airline offers me. It's just, well, too risky.

Will you ever eat a sandwich made for airlines again? Do you think there needs to be stricter control of airline food? Share with us in the comments below!

Image via ABC News

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