Summer is absolutely the PERFECT time to reconnect with family, isn't it? When I was younger, we definitely didn't have the money to go on long, extended vacations so instead my family and I took road trips together. Sometimes they would be short (like going to Miami or Orlando, which were each about three hours away) and other times they were longer (like a two-week trip to the Niagara Falls, Chicago and Michigan).

With every trip, we learned how to pack smarter and lighter. One thing that I'm still learning, though, is how to be healthy while taking these big family trips. The easiest thing to do is just buy some chips and candy to keep in the car for when the kids get hungry, right? However, those empty (and nutrition-less) calories aren't helping anyone, so I've come up with a list of my favorite Latin-flavored road trips snacks that are healthy but still delicious enough to satisfy ANY member of the family.


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Is your family planning to go on a road trip this summer? What are your favorite healthy snacks to pack when vacationing? Share with us in the comments below!

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