5 Cocktails to celebrate international cachaça day!

My family pretty much grew up on sangria and margaritas, which is probably why those two always say "summer cocktail" to me. Until, that is, I tasted my very first cachaça cocktail.

One of my best friends in college, whose mom is Brazilian, made me a caipirinha one day—and I was in love. It's a drink similar to a Cuban mojito (another one of my favorites), but without the mint. The special thing about the cachaça liquor is that it's made from fermented sugarcane juice and quite different. In the end, though, who cares about all that? What I really care about is how delicious it tastes in these cocktails! Since today is International Cachaça Day, come and celebrate with me by making one of the great drinks, below.

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Do you drink the Brazilian liquor, cachaça? Which one of these cachaça will you be making this summer? Share with us in the comments below!

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I tried making one of the Sangrias that was posted up not too long ago and it turned out great, but I dont Know about these ones they look a lil too weird for my taste maybe just the #1 I would try....


the banana one sounds delicious!

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