Bringing back Home Ec class would be GOOD for girls!

I remember taking a Home Economics class at my middle school in Florida. Not a lot of kids took it but, since I didn't really like some of the sports-heavy electives, it seemed like the perfect fit for me. The only thing I really remember making is coffee cake, but ever since then, every time I make it (or even just eat someone else's version), I always think back to my class.

When I think about the current state of education, I am always really upset to read about budgets being cut and arts programs being the ones that are suffering. But, beyond that, Home Ec classes are practically a forgotten thing of the past. And while I don't think that we need a class to teach girls how to be good housewives, I think that the nation's childhood obesity problem can actually be dramatically improved—if only we would bring back Home Ec and make it a mandatory course for our children's education.


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A recent study came out that talked about the importance of getting together for family meals and how it helps to make children both happier and skinnier. I think that's definitely a great way to start solving the childhood obesity problem, but kids have two of their meals in schools. So, in the end, I think more needs to be done.

Why is Home Ec class being mandatory so important? Well, as Torie Bosch in Slate puts it, it's important to teach skills how to cook for themselves. And, most importantly for the obesity epidemic, these classes can help teach kids good nutrition and how to make healthy meals for themselves. In her article, she says:

Rather than training girls to be housewives, home ec today can teach students to cook for themselves after work once they reach adulthood. More immediately, kids can take what they learn and make easy, healthy meals when their parents are too busy working.

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Kids would definitely be a lot more excited to cook with their parents and to eat more veggies if they knew just how to make them tasty. Plus, instead of having hamburgers in the school cafeteria, I would much rather that my (future) kids learned how to make a healthy meal in class and then had it for lunch that same day. The classes could teach a lot of valuable skills.

I mean, who remembers anything about algebra? I honestly don't. But I think I would remember how to cook a healthy meal for myself, for life, since it's something that I would actually need to do every day. I hope that schools are paying attention because this is definitely one big way to help kids keep healthy. And I would love to see it happen.

Did you ever take a Home Ec class? Do you think that there are important lessons about healthy cooking and nutrition that kids should be learning in school? Share with us in the comments below!

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