When I heard that today was National Donut Day, I got pretty excited. Of course, I realize that doughnuts aren't necessarily something that we Latinos think of as "our" food but you might be surprised by how many delicious Latin-style doughnuts there really are. So, today, I'm celebrating by making some Latin classics, like churro donuts with dulce de leche glaze, bolinho de chuva (Brazilian doughnuts), buñuelos (Mexican fritters), berlines (Chilean dulce de leche doughnuts) and hojaldas (Colombian dough fritters). They're all irresistible and all a perfect way to indulge today. 


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Will you be making one of these Latin-style doughnuts to celebrate National Donut Day? Do you have any other recipes you love to make for a dessert? Share with us in the comments below!

Images via bhamandsandwich/flickr

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