Latin vegetarian recipe of the day: 5 vegetable empanadas (VIDEOS)

It's the final day (Day 7!) of our Latin vegetarian recipes series as part of National Vegetarian Week. Have you been following along? We've had some truly great dishes but, to be honest, I am leaving you with my favorite. Vegetable empanadas make it to the top of my list because they're one of those versatile dishes that can be eaten morning, day or night. A single one makes a perfect mid-day snack but I also don't see anything wrong with having one for breakfast. In case you haven't made one (like me), these video tutorials will help you along the way. So try one of them, whether it's the spinach & broccoli Ecuadorean empanada, the Argentinean corn empanada, whole wheat black bean and plantain empanada, Paraguayan cassava empanada or the Mexican sweet pumpkin empanada, these will be a great dinner tonight--and something to save for next week as well.


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Spinach & Broccoli Ecuadorean Empanadas (recipe courtesy of HMFamilyLife)

Argentinean Corn Empanadas (recipe courtesy of Food Network TV)

Whole Wheat Black Bean and Plantain Empanadas (recipe courtesy of Delectable Planet)

Paraguayan Cassava Empanadas (recipe courtesy of SupremeMasterTV06)

Mexican Sweet Pumpkin Empanadas (recipe courtesy of Mariam Kitchen)

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Do you like different kind of empanadas? Which is your favorite out of these? Share with us in the comments below!

Image via Pablo Noel/flickr

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