It's Day 2 of our Latin Vegetarian Recipes as part of National Vegetarian Week and I couldn't be more excited to share this grill-worthy recipe. With summer upon us, I've told you before how happy I am to be able to bring out my grill and start making delicious dishes (like the Latinized Memorial Day favorites). But what do you cook at the grill if you or one of your family members is vegetarian, or even just aiming to eat healthier? Well, today's recipe is your answer. These chili-lime vegetable tacos are absolutely to-die-for and made even more perfect by the charred pineapple salsa (cause we all know salsa tastes even better when it's grilled too, right?). Make it tonight!


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Grilled Chili-Lime Vegetable Tacos with Charred Pineapple Salsa (recipe courtesy of Café Cyan)

Ingredients (for the tacos):
3 portobello mushroom caps
1 small zucchini, sliced lengthwise
1 small summer squash, sliced lengthwise
1 red onion, sliced into rings
1 tsp chile powder
1/2 tsp ground cumin
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp kosher salt
1/2 tsp freshly ground black pepper
2 tbsp fresh lime juice
2 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil

Ingredients (for the pineapple salsa):
1 small pineapple, trimmed and halved
1 small red onion, diced
3 tbsp chopped cilantro
2 tbsp fresh lime juice
1 tbsp rice vinegar
2 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
1 tsp kosher salt
1/4 Serrano pepper, seeds and membrane removed and minced

1. For the tacos, combine chile powder, cumin, garlic powder, salt, pepper, lime juice and olive oil in a large plastic resealable bag or container. Shake to mix and add vegetables. Marinate for 30 minutes to 1 hour, turning bag often to coat all vegetables.

2. Preheat a charcoal grill to medium. Once heated, grill pineapple for 2-4 minutes or until charred, turning once. Set aside to cool. Once cooled, dice pineapple and add red onion, cilantro, lime juice, rice vinegar, olive oil, salt and Serrano pepper and toss in a bowl. Set aside.

3. Arrange vegetables on grill grate and cook 1-2 minutes per side, being careful to not burn. Remove from grill and serve on a platter with heated flour or corn tortillas. Top with pineapple salsa.  Enjoy!

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Image via Cafe Cyan

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