Try making your own pico de gallo to go with anything from huevos a la ranchera, to tacos, burritos, sizzling beef or a simple chicken dish. It's so easy and the perfect way to add color and spice to any Latin meal!

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Christina Cruz Castaneda is a mother of three at home, a cooking guru on YouTube and is serving one dish at a time to all mamás latinas!

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I love Pico de gallo mmmmmmm great video 


I have loved pico de gallo since going to Mexico the first time a few years ago.  Tacos in the street with salsa verde or pico de gallo, delicious :). I just made some today after watching your video.  I use a similar recipe, only without avocado, as I don't prefer it, and I add a bit of yellow or orange pepper to give it a bit of a sweet taste.  Adds nice color and compliments the tartness of the lime flavor.  Good video.  You cut chilis without gloves!  If I do that, I always end up rubbing my eye.  Thanks for sharing the video.

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