The 5 most insane taco recipes you will ever see!

I've seen some crazy food out there. It's sometimes fun to look at obscenely bizarre or difficult recipes, isn't it? But I never expected the list of 20 Crazy, Awesome Tacos from BuzzFeed. It ranges from actual taco recipes to Taco Bell's Doritos Taco to breakfast and dessert tacos. It even includes some adorable photos of babies and pets dressed up as tacos.

But the best tacos are the really crazy ones you never think you'd see. Ever wanted a taco on a stick? Or a taco covered in bananas? Or, better yet, a taco shell made out of bacon? I can guarantee you that these are the 5 craziest tacos, ever! Enjoy.


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1.Beer Battered Fried Avocado Tacos: This one isn't totally crazy, since it's still a taco, but the fact that it uses beer battered fried avocados as the filling is pretty impressive. They make my mouth water for sure.

2. Bacon Taco Shell: If you're a fan of bacon (and who isn't, really?), this one's like a dream come true. It definitely tops the list of OH WOW HOW DID THEY DO THAT? and is one I'll be trying to make very, very soon.

3. Taco Stuffed Pasta Shells: Well, talk about using your creativity! I love this combination of Italian food with Mexican-inspired ingredients. Who says you can't blend two cultures into a perfectly delectable dish?

4. Breakfast Pancake Tacos: Would you like tacos for breakfast? Now you can have them! These pancakes, basically folded in half and topped with bananas and other goodies, are a great way to enjoy tacos in the morning.

5. Taco Cake Pops: Yes, these are what they look like: mini taco desserts on popsicle sticks. If you haven't given in to the cake pop craze yet, this is the way to start!

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What was the craziest taco you have ever eaten or seen?

Images via BuzzFeed