Latino chefs have been nominated for the James Beard awards, the Oscars for foodies

I love having some good Latin fast food (other than Taco Bell, that is) but every once in a while, I also like to sit down at a really great restaurant for a nice meal. When I heard that some Latino chefs got nominated for James Beard Awards this year (that's the Oscars of the food world), I got really excited.

From delicious Cuban food in New Jersey, a Mexican restaurant in Houston and a surprise entry in Los Angeles, plus where to get the best Latin dessert, these chefs are getting some well-deserved recognition. Don't you want to see what all the fuss is about?


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Zafra & Cucharamama: These two New Jersey restaurants from Cuban-born Maricel Presilla, who has written six books, owns a specialty store in Hoboken and has been invited to cook at the White House.

Hugo's: This Mexican restaurant in Houston, Texas, belongs to chef Hugo Ortega, who started working at 15 years old to support his family and began in the restaurant business by working as a bus boy. 

Pizzaria Mozza and Osteria Mozza: These Los Angeles restaurants are actually Italian and owned by Mario Batali, but that doesn't stop Latino executive chef Matt Molina from sharing his own special culinary magic.

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The Conga Room: What you really want in this Cuban LA restaurant is a delicious dessert created by their former pastry chef Dahlia Narvaez, who's actually now working alongside Molina at Osteria Mozza.

Patria: A great Latin fusion restaurant in New Jersey created by Puerto Rican restauranteur Phil Suarez, who returned to his roots after a stint of working with renowned French chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten.

Have you ever eaten in one of these restaurants? What is your favorite Latin restaurant to eat out for dinner?

Images via Patria, Hugo's, Cucharamama