Five Easy & Inexpensive Dinners

My secret to enjoying my evenings with my husband and kids is making the five night's worth of dinners on Sunday and then heating them up during the week. This way I have time to help with homework, straighten up the house and we still get healthy dinners. My other secret…cook dinners that are affordable and go a long way in the leftovers department. Here are my favorite five.



Day 1: Tater Tot Casserole and cornbread

It's delicious and very easy to make. And usually I can make it from what I have in the house. Your main ingredients are of course tater tots, cream of mushroom soup, green beans and ground beef. Here's a link to the entire recipe.

Tip: Make this one Monday night, the tater tots get soggy after too many nights in the fridge.

Day 2: Pollo Rostizado al Horno con Papitas (Roasted Chicken)

This super healthy and easy to make dinner is perfect, especially if you're having company. All you really need is a 4 lb chicken and red potatoes. Visit Quericavida for the full recipe.  

Tip: After dinner use the leftovers to make chicken salad and potato salad to pack lunches with the next day!

Day 3:  Bistec estilo Suizo (Swiss Style Steak)

My husband is definitely a "meat and potatoes" man so I always make a red meat choice. An easy and affordable version is Swiss Style Steak. My favorite part about this recipe is that I usually can use whatever cut of meat I have in the house and it always comes out tasting delicious.  Add green peppers for heat and voila! A delicious steak dinner.

Tip: If you're sensitive to garlic only use one clove, the steak beaten so thin really absorbs garlic and spices well.

Day 4: Three-Bean Chili

We are a family of bean lovers so this is always a big hit. The recipe says to use

Pinto beans, kidney beans and black beans but I'll usually throw whatever beans I have in the cupboard in, in addition to the suggested ingredients. The chili is very easy to make, very inexpensive and when I add some chips, salsa, guacamole and sour cream to it—it becomes an entire meal. One of our favorites!

Day 5: Pizzas De Pollo al Pesto (Chicken Pesto Pizza)

While my kids are always up for ordering a pizza, they can't resist mom's pesto chicken pizza. It's very easy to make and very healthy. Add whatever extra toppings you think your family will love to really make it your own. The main ingredients include chicken, pesto, whole wheat pita bread and low fat mozzarella. Visit Que Rica Vida for the full recipe.

Tip: In advance make the ingredients and store them. Only combine right before you're ready to stick the pizza in the oven to keep it from becoming too moist.

There you have, five nights worth of meals squeezed into a few hours of cooking and preparing on Sunday night.