Meet Hollywood's hottest Latino chef

For a young Latino coming to Hollywood with the dream of becoming an actor, working at a restaurant maynot be ideal. But for Argentine Adolfo Suaya, who came to the U.S. 27 years ago, seating "Hollywood at his table" and eventually becoming the owner of 17 of the most famous restaurants in Southern California was a different kind of dream come true.

He started the Gaucho Grill in 1986 and steadily grew his restaurant empire. Eventually, he began to close down some of the venues and now only two remain in Los Angeles. "They're not mine," he says, "because I gave them to some of my employees."

But the chef hasn't retired from the food business. Instead, he's finally become a bit of a star, now filming his second season of his popular Latin American Foodie program, which is broadcast in Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Mexico and Uruguay by Sun Channel.


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On Foodie, he explores his love of food and culture:

 I show how the world is seen through food. Each dish has its significance. We tour through various countries to speak about the flavors, colors, textures, preparation and we interact with each one of the creators of dishes and drinks that awaken in us even more emotion about being a foodie.

His story and passion for food is very inspirational and, as a foodie myself, I can only hope that his show will soon come to a TV near me. In the meantime, I know where I'll be eating next time I'm in LA!

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Do you hope that Adolfo's show, Latin American Foodie, will become available in more countries?

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