Bet you never made guacamole with these ingredients! (VIDEO)

One of my favorite things about being Latina is that I've gotten to grow up eating all of the absolutely amazing and delicious food of our culture! And I am an especially big fan of guacamole, which is one of my mother's specialties. But now, this amazingly creative short film has me seeing my longtime favorite dip in a whole new light.


The video, entitled "Fresh Guacamole," is directed and animated by PES (real name Adam Peesapane), who has won multiple awards for his other stop-motion animation work and has been featured in commercials and other short films.  

The clip shows random objects, like a lightbulb, dice, and poker chips being sliced, peeled and made into what looks like the most perfect bowl of guacamole ever! In fact, the fake dip looks so convincing and delicious that it's actually making me crave the real thing. Yum!

Don't believe me? See Peesapane's inventive work for yourself!

What do you think of the short? Do you think the end result looks like actual guacamole?

Image via YouTube

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