Taco Bell's new Spanglish slogan is ridiculous

When I think of good Mexican food, I never think of Taco Bell. Yes, they're quick and easy but there are many better options if you're looking for some Latino fast food. But Taco Bell's still trying to win over new customers, this time with a brand new slogan.

They've had a few changes lately: a new breakfast menu called "First Meal", a Cantina-style healthier menu and the launch of a Doritos tacos. Now they're changing up one more thing by dropping "Think Outside the Bun" and going with the new "Live Mas" slogan.


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Ugh. What are they thinking with this new English-Spanish hybrid of a slogan? I think it's absolutely ridiculous. I didn't mind their "Yo quiero Taco Bell" (who can forget the adorable Chihuahua mascot during those days?) and "Think Outside the Bun" was actually kind of clever.  But "Live Mas"? I don't think it's clear and I don't think it even really makes sense for a blatantly unhealthy fast food joint!

Although they're trying to imply a healthier lifestyle with the slogan using the Spanish word for "more", it makes me wonder how much of their audience will actually understand that message. When I first heard it, I thought "wait, they're trying to encourage people to eat more?" When it comes to the word "more" and "fast food", I just think of overindulging. And that's not the kind of message anyone should be sending out with our country's current obesity epidemic.

But, above all, the misuse of Spanglish just sounds mildly offensive and completely stupid. I hope they'll do some more thinking and come up with something better. Perhaps something that doesn't butcher the two languages.

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What do you think of Taco Bell's new slogan, "live mas"?

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