My love/hate relationship with Ingrid Hoffman recipes

As an English speaking Latina, a huge frustration of mine is that there are almost no Latino-themed cooking shows in English. Yes, the Food Network has Chef Marcella's Mexican Made Easy but it is impossible to find her show and I love to watch Daisy Martinez, but I don't think she is on PBS or Food Network anymore. That leaves me with Rick Bayless and Ingrid Hoffman

I like Rick, but I am not that kind of home cook and dude isn't Latino. Ingrid, well, truthfully, in English, I'd rather watch Rachel Ray. Even though I can't understand her, I like Ingrid waaaayyyyy better in Spanish, which is why I was excited by her new show, Delicioso, which premiered on Univision today



What is great about Ingrid is she doesn't take herself too seriously and she isn't trying to be what she is not. In a recent interview, she even called herself a "stupid little cook", which of course she isn't. This is a woman who has been fighting to bring Latin food to television for the past 15 years, being abused by the media the whole way. I want to support her, I want to watch her. I want her Univision show to kick the Food Network's ass.

But then I see the recipes. Here is one from her first show:


Tortilla Chips

1 paquete de tortilla integral
1/2 taza aceite de oliva
chile en polvo


Precalienta el horno a 375 F.
Corta cada tortilla integral en 12 triángulos. 
Coloca los triángulos sobre una lata de hornear forrada con papel pergamino.
Usa una brocha de cocina para untar aceite en cada triangulo.
Espolvorea con sal y chile en polvo.
Ponlas al horno de 11 a 13 minutos.

Really? Make your own tortilla chips? I know it is Super Bowl weekend but you taught people how to do Spanish? 

Please, please do better. I need you to do better--you are my only source.

What did you think of Delicioso? Will you watch again?

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